Monday, June 26, 2023

What Was Bud Light Thinking When They Sponsored Gay Pride Parade In Toronto With Nude Men On Bikes Waving At Kids


While many Americans still condemn the gay and transgender life style
Most probably believe they should not be condemned to a life in the closet hiding their orientation with wile and guile
But while not agreeing that gays and transgenders in a closet must be confined
To a person would fight efforts to force them or their children to their orientation realign
In Toronto in a Gay Pride Parade with families with kids watching from the sidewalk
Viewers were exposed to behavior that acceptance of decency requires them to balk
Men fully nude on bike waving at kids
Unacceptable behavior that they should rid
Same comment if the parade was not of LGBTQ+ but only straights
With young children present their proclivity for nudity they should abate
Bud Light’s sales over the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco still sinking
As a sponsor of this parade one has to ask what were they thinking?
Their latest ad shows what appear to be straights holding Bud Light cans for cool
But the men and women come across as clumsy uncoordinated fools
If the sales decline continues and drive’s AB’s stock further down
A new subsidiary with a brand of TG’s Light Benders to try to regain lost ground?

© 6/26/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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