Tuesday, June 20, 2023

War on Women Is Not by the Reds but the Blue Progressives Under Goal of Inclusion Want Transgenders Competing With Girls on the Field and Sharing Locker Rooms.


When will NOW and other women’s organizations who have spent all their efforts for women to break through the glass ceiling
Come to their senses and given the advantage of biological men as transgender woman time to start transgender competition against women be repealing
Blues have falsely claimed Reds are misogynists
Yet too many of their left demand that transgenders competing against woman we should not resist
How can they be so deaf to the sobs of a girl pushed off the medal stand
By a transgender whose larger muscles, organs and lungs will a winning effort by females withstand
On the destruction of women’s sports by transgenders, NOW and fellow organizations  are the new three monkeys
Hearing no evil, Seeing no evil and no evil to speak
Of the death of women’s sports under Title IX these once fearful warriors have turned meek.
While from the likes of the Blues and NOW only on Transgenders in sports do we silence hear
Any woman with a small female child wanting her to in sports compete should know Title IX may disappear
Along with it the desired goal that in the board rooms and executive management suits fewer women will be found
The collateral damage of the progressive Blues policies that are mostly highly unsound

© 6/20/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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