Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Blues Are in Panic Mode Fearful Their Shift to the Left Will Cause Joe Manchin to Run As a Third Party


The party of JFK that put men on the Moon and removed from Cuba Soviet nukes
His nephew running today to protect senile damaged goods is the target of DNC rebukes
Refuses to allow Blue Primary debates to put RFK, Jr. on stage
Fearful viewers would be aghast at the damage Biden’s dementia has waged
If JFK or RFK were alive today their chances would be slim and next to zero
For the growing and dominant Blue Progressive Wing they are despised villains not heroes.
Total concern and worry by the DNC whenever Biden goes off teleprompter script
Revealing that most of his cognitive functions have sadly been relegated to his cranial memory crypt
Joe Manchin is one of the last centrist Blues who may be considering to as a third party run
Blues are in panic mode he would sypher votes away to Harris as real candidate shun
When more than ever with China becoming the Soviets on steroids of the Cold War
With the chances of armed conflict with them continuing to soar
And a president whose only dance card  on the Kabul withdrawal military stage
Was a tail between the legs, 13 dead soldiers and allies left behind causing disgust and rage
More so than ever we need by both Blues and Reds
A move to the center and the extreme wings of both shed
A Manchin and Sinema ticket would be a breath of fresh air to move the nation ahead
Freed from the politicization of the DOJ, Lemming rush to Green and ad hominem attacks we all must dread

© 6/21/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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