Friday, June 23, 2023

The Titan Implosion Will End Deep Sea Submersible Sightseeing Just Like the Hindenburg Explosion Ended Zeppelin Travel


The Atlantic compared to the Pacific was like comparing a pond to a lake
Even relying on oil fueled engines instead of sails at least 5 days the crossing would take
In the 30’s the German airships that had bombed London in World War I
And lifted by hydrogen that burst into flames when hit by fighter’s machine guns
Had now become the Concordes of the sea
Almost 5 long days on a ship to be shortened to hours of 43
The Zeppelins’ Achilles heel was that hydrogen could easily burst into flames
Spreading so quickly they could not be put out or even tamed
The Hindenburg had made 17 cross Atlantic trips
In a spacious dining room, smoking parlor and full service stocked bar to fine drinks sip
Instead of fighting waves in the Atlantic and from sea sickness wanting to die
The Hindenburg flew through the air in a straight line not up and down or left and right through the sky
This travelers’ paradise came to an abrupt tragic end at Lakehurst
Where on coming in to land and to be tethered to the landing post into flames burst
Zeppelin travel came to a complete halt with 32 deaths and 62 who survived
We should expect the same result for deep sea sightseeing to after the Titan implosion not revive
It is probably fitting that aboard the Titan as Oceangate’ s CEO  was Stockton Rush
The lawsuits against him and the company for lack of safety would have him crushed

© 6/23/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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