Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Father Outraged Over 18 Year Old Neighbor Exposing Himself to His Daughters Gores to His House and Shoots and Kills Grandparents, the Exposer and a 16 Year Old Kid


In Kellogg, Idaho Majorjon and wife Paulette Kaylor had called police on the 13th of June when their neighbor 18 year old David Smith was exposing himself to their daughters
Police were called and Smith most likely arrested and hauled off to jail who perhaps was released on low or no bail to return to his house which act would set the stage for a slaughter
On Father’s Day he may have exposed himself or the Kaylors were seething he was not still in jail
Maybe fearful he had been released with no bail and instead of just exposing would their daughters assail
Armed with a .45 he went over to Smith’s grandparents on their front porch sitting in chairs
Kaylor wanted his concerns over Smith’s exposing with them share
Their concern did not reach the level of concern Kaylor wanted to hear
He “snapped” and shot both in their temples just above their ears
Then upstairs to Smith kill and a 16 year old in the wrong place at the wrong time
Was this a spur of the moment murder or a first degree premeditated murder crime?
Before the event the Kaylors had studied the case of Gary Plauch√©  who killed on TV the kidnapper and rapist of his 11 year old son
Who copped a plea for involuntary manslaughter with 300 hours of community service and 5 years suspended  so no jail time had to be done
A tragic case but predictable if police do not arrest and if D.A.’s do not prosecute or plea down and judges fail to sentence what fits the crime
Citizens will take the law into their own hands more and more of the time

© 6/21/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet

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