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June 27, 2023 Ridley's Believe It Or Not


Another poll in New Hampshire has Trump still leading  De Santis by an increasing lead to 47 to 19 % with Christie, Haley, and Scott all in single digits with Biden beating both Trump and De Santis 49 to 40% but 70% including 50% of Blues are concerned about Biden’s age compared to 34% concerned over Trump’s age. In the Washington Press Conference briefing by Karine Jean-Pierre was in a real snit fit after Simon Ateba of Todays News Africa accused her of discriminating against him causing her to lash out and threaten to end the briefing which exchange was edited out of the streaming which the White House blamed on a technical glitch as opposed to an orchestrated act. The heavy hand of censorship by one of the leading members of the MSM-the NYT was revealed when it buried to page 21 the whistleblower’s allegation that the attorney David Weiss wanted to bring more serious tax fraud cases against Hunter Biden but was rebuffed by the DOJ. Ryan Seacrest has been named as Pat Sajak’s replacement on Wheel of Fortune when Sajak retires next year. The White House  visitor logs despite Biden’s vow to be the most transparent administration in history are full of holes when it comes to Hunter and Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klein. Harrison Ford as a very spry 80 year old will be appearing in the 5th and last Indiana Jones film, Dial of Destiny, revealed that Tom Selleck was the first choice but under contract for a TV series he could not break. In California you can’t be a gay if you are a Red as Blues in the California Senate walked out when Reds honored Richard Grenell as the first openly gay Cabinet member. New York State Attorney, Leticia James whose main passion is to put Trump and family members in jail had her attempt to do the same with Ivanka Trump rebuffed due to the statute of limitations.
             June 27, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet 
             Noted Holidays: National PTSD Day: Created by the United States Senate on June 23, 2010 and celebrated on this day in years thereafter to create awareness of the suffering of those affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which if not treated is crippling and a leading cause of suicide.
             Word of the Day: the word of the day is “arctician” which means one skilled in navigating arctic regions who is most helpful when a boat is in danger of being trapped in the ice.
              Song of the Day:  The number 1 song on this day in 1950 was “The Third Man Theme” By Anton Karas  on a run of 11 weeks to share with 11 other songs achieving number 1 ranking. Here is a music video of Anton Karas performing: “The Third Man Theme”:
              June 27 Birthdays: ”Keeping Up Is Hard to Do”: Khloé Alexandra Kardashian, noted reality show star along with mother, sisters and brother, model and socialite, born on this day in 1984 in Los Angeles. Married after 30 days of meeting Lamar Odom a pro basketball player with the Clippers and Lakers who was suspended twice by the Clippers for violating league anti-drug policy. During her divorce proceedings, he was found unconscious from a drug overdose in a Las Vegas brothel which prompted her to withdraw the petition not because of reconciliation but rather so she could participate as a spouse in his treatment and then finalize the divorce.
              June 27 Historical Events In Rhyme
              1.     On this day in 2007, Tony Blair the second longest British Prime Minister after Margaret Thatcher resigned/Dragged down by Britain’s involvement in the Iraq War searching for the nukes that we could never find/10 years as Prime Minister as Bush’s staunch ally and friend/But sending troops to die for nukes not there was a sure way to a political career end.
              2.     On this night in 1994 in Aum Shinrikyo tested in Matsumoto a sarin nerve gas attack/Sarin liquid heated to be released in an aerosol spray/274 residents hospitalized with symptoms like darkened vision, nausea, headaches, miosis and other sarin gassed victims do not lack/7 people would die that day/Little did the Japanese know that the worst was yet to arrive/Some 9 months later in crowded Tokyo subways with over a 1000 injured and at least 15 who did not survive.
              3.     On this day in 1954/the Obninsk Nuclear Power Plant, commissioned the day before/ Became the first nuclear power plant to be connected to the electrical grid/A small first step to reliance on fossil fuels for power generation rid.
             4.      On this day in 1950 the U.S. decided to intervene in South Korea to the invasion by North Korea block/On July 5, the 540 troops from the 24th Division known as “Task Force Smith” were in for a shock/No tanks, 6 rounds of 105 anti-tank shells  and obsolete bazookas that T-34 tanks could not destroy/Task Force Smith was more like an ineffective poorly constructed speed bump employed.
             5.      On this day in 1844 Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum awaiting trial for inciting a riot in a Carthage, Illinois jail/When treason was added to the charges to make it impossible to post bail/The jail was attacked by a mob with blackened faces on a mission to them kill/Hyrum shot at the door and Joseph shot 3 times before jumping from a window sill/Dead before he hit the ground/So much anger he was propped up and body filled with more rounds/En route to martyr status in his church of the LDS/The 5 black faces charged with murder were all acquitted to the Mormons great distress.
             Famous Quotes on the Korean War:
             President Harry S. Truman Speaking in the Rose Garden to 16 Members  of Task Force Smith on June 16, 1952: “It is quite an admission for an artilleryman to make, but we couldn't fight a war without the infantry, I'm afraid. I congratulate you men on the job you did in that original task force. Had it not been for the fact that these two divisions to which you belong had caused the Communists to hesitate, we possibly would not have been able to hold our position with the Korean Republic.
© June 27, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet
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