Saturday, June 24, 2023

Eric Schmidt Buy's Seized Russian Oligarch Andrey Guryev's Alpha Nero for Bargain Basement 67.6 Million Bucks


Russian Oligarch Andrey Guryev must be throwing vodka glasses against the wall in a snit fit
His super yacht Alpha Nero seized due to sanctions against him for Putin’s Ukraine invasion he will now lose it
Purchase price at auction was set at $120 million but sold for only 67.6 million bucks
A warning to oligarchs supporting Putin that if we can find assets you are out of luck
Although some may have tired of the millions needed to keep their yachts afloat
And wish that they had purchased a smaller and cheaper to operate boat
He will get no joy that another oligarch has bought
His floating super toy of wealth, his one of the kind yacht
Eric Schmidt the former CEO of Google has more than $20 billion net worth
The purchase price is hardly a dent for one of the most opulent yachts on Earth
If the NFL’s owners approve soon to be a Washington Commanders part owner
$6.05 billion purchase price but guilt free due to wealth as he and his wife  and their foundation are very large philanthropic donors
If the Blues of which he is one push through on the super wealthy a wealth tax
He is prepared to become a citizen of Cyprus to spend more time on Alpha Nero to cruise and relax.

© 6/24/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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