Sunday, June 4, 2023

Armed Homeowner With a Gun Breakers In At Bay Till Cops Arrive


Most Americans believe that most of us are law abiding to the laws obey and follow
But as more and more cities chose Soros funded D.A.’s and defund the police ideas that goal of government is to protect seems hollow
For the longest time in urban cities the armed felon foxes outnumbered the unarmed sheep
But as law abiding citizens are flocking in droves to take the steps to their safety keep
And SCOTUS has stricken down laws making it almost impossible to conceal carry
Across this nation new gun owners are standing up—you felons will not us by gun bury
In Towns County, Georgia an example of that trend
Where a 20 car break-in spree came to an end
While deputies were responding to the break-in spree
A woman came home with two thugs one wearing her husband’s clothes to see
She pulled a gun and ordered the two to sit down as she called the cops
They came and as one tried to flee but a tackle stopped
Had this women not been armed
Good chance of rape or otherwise harmed
What the left with their 24/7 armed guards do not understand
And why on the issue of safety they have their heads in the sand
Ordinary Americans are not sheep
They will arm themselves to their safety keep

© 5/3/2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet   

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