Monday, June 26, 2023

More and More Chinese of Military Age Crossing Our Open Border--Time to Cut Back on Chinese Grad Students In Stem?


It is common knowledge that our borders are not secure
A magnet for probably at least a billion seeking our freedoms and prosperity allure
The cartels are making millions from illegals paying them to get them across
Recycling the money to purchase deadly drugs smuggled here to from O.D.’s more lives lost
We may argue what to do about the illegal alien tide
But almost all would agree that China is an existential threat not on our side
Refusing on laws prohibiting IP theft in any way to abide
Militarily, politically, and economically 24/7 pedal to the metal to get our standing in the world to subside
In addition to the Islamists terrorist on our lists
Thousands of male Chinese of military age illegally now here exist
Plus another 262,922 Chinese students in our colleges and universities-a majority in STEM
How of them are linked to the CCP with knowledge and secrets learned to be use for military purposes when they head back to them?
Universities love foreign students because they pay full boat tuition fare
What access to IP at universities are they able to access while there?
Maybe it is time to reduce the Chinese student population limiting it to only humanities
So never again will a Chinese student have access to sensitive labs and valuable IP
On the border if a Chinese national is caught
That person cannot have amnesty sought

© June 26, 2023 Michael P. Ridley aka The Alaskanpoet


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