Thursday, June 26, 2014

Turmoil In Oil Producing Areas Of The World Canada Stable Keystone XL Needs To Be Approved

Anyone who believes that defying logic if Keystone XL will not be built
Believes the oil will remain the ground has cranial arteries clogged with environmentalist silt
If Obama continues to dither and delay
And somehow Blues in the Senate are not blown away
Our friendly neighbor to the north should tell us to pound sand
Reroute the pipeline to its Western ports and off to Chinese lands
We are shedding jobs faster than a psoriasis infected head
Instead of creating jobs, Obama still panders to his green base instead
Look at Iraq, look at Nigeria, look at Venezuela what stability does one espy?
Powder kegs with sputtering short fuses of people getting ready to fight and die
Canada is about as stable as stable can be and in turmoil not corrupt
Only fear would be the Canucks lost in the Stanley Cup and a riot might erupt  
Obama's delay puts thousands of new jobs at risk when each job is a desire gem
Pandering to his base he should be thoroughly condemned.
The studies are in; the reports of economic benefits are without doubt
Time to get off the pot and start moving the oil from the sands out

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