Friday, June 13, 2014

June 13 History--Banana Split Day

Ridley's Believe It Or Not—June 13, 2014:  In the shadow of Father’s Day and the first full moon of the year, very meager day for holidays so bad it makes one want to blow the diet and enjoy a banana split. Hope you enjoy them along with the factoids and quote on the Pentagon Papers, one of the first steps in the erosion of confidence and trust in our government; thank God for a free press to hold the executive branch accountable in the 70’s.
            1. Blame Someone Else Day—celebrated on the first full moon of the year and created I believe to honor politicians like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, or our potential next Blue President who are always pointing the blame at someone else; but seem to forget that if you point the finger of blame at someone, three fingers point back at you and the thumb points in the direction of where you might go.   
            2. Banana Split Day—celebrating the health of a banana with the decadence of ice cream with some nuts, whip cream and cherries to complete the treat.
            3. Sewing Machine Day—celebrating one of the iconic inventions of the Industrial Revolution and in developing countries a path out of property for people lucky enough to get jobs to make the clothes we wear.
On this day in:
            a. 1893 in a nonstransparency moment, Grover Cleveland after noticing a rough spot in his mouth, secretly has a cancerous tumor in his jaw removed, a fact which was not disclosed to the public until  1917, several years after his death in 1906. 
            b. 1970 The Long and Winding Road became the last number one song in the U.S. for the Beatles.
            c. 1971 the New York Times began publication of the Pentagon Papers leaked by Daniel Ellsberg, who, unlike Snowden did not flee to Russia, revealing significant deceptions by the Pentagon in justifying and reporting on the Vietnam War.
The Pentagon Papers were the blueprint for future government deceit. If we had only known, there would be no Wall and over 58,000 Americans would be enjoying their retirement years.  "When one delves into the Pentagon Papers it becomes immediately clear why the government wanted them kept secret, for they expose the many lies that our government generated in order to get the American people strongly behind the war effort. Yet, the importance of these documents goes beyond their intrinsic historical value since they establish a precedence of governmental deceit that would be practiced again and again." Jeff Drake, Vietnam Vet, "How the U.S. Got Involved In Vietnam"
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