Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rhymes On The Newsworthy Times Harry Reid's Ego Key To Red Regaining Of Senatening

Harry Reid's Ego And Red Regaining Of Senate
As tensions between Congress and Obama are once again on the rise
After the no notice release of the deadly Taliban Five
Even Blue Senators are rising up to over Obama’s actions complain
Candidates up for reelection are fleeing from his reign
The only way for Obama to a scandal like the VA solve
Is to have a new scandal like the Taliban Five release evolve
It would seem the only person other than Michelle in this land to Obama support
Would be Harry Reid who on this latest scandal in holier than thou retort
“I am glad to get rid of these people and send them back to Qatar”
To him Obama’s failure to give required legal notice was no bar.
Obama’s desire to close down Gitmo and send the terrorists home is stronger than an alcoholic shaking for a drink
Watch him move after the midterms and close it no matter what any of us worried about terror think
If Reid would let his ego go he would know how to save Obama from the ire of Taliban swap
Cause unfortunately the rising outrage even among the Blues to slow and stop
All he would have to do is as Senate Majority Leader in the cause of national unity retire
His presence to Red voters in terms of raising their passion is like pouring gasoline on a fire
Might lower by a few points the amount of Red turnout.
So saving some of the Blues like Landrieu and Pryor from being voted out
What a nightmare for this poet, I am already starting to shake
Thank God for Reid’s ego that will prevent that step for him to take.
© June 4, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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