Thursday, June 26, 2014

ISIS Bombed By Syria Only Photographed By U.S. While Iran Patiently Waits--Nightmare

The news out of Iraq gets more confusing each and every day
Now Syrian planes against ISIS have entered into the fray
While Iraq’s mortal enemy of the past is ready to send boots
As ISIS continues its Baghdad march pausing only to prisoners to shoot
As a history buff, images of Poland in 1939 come to mind
The U.S. is like the French immobilized glued to their military behinds
Iraq is being hollowed out by ISIS with Syria and Iran to come in on both sides
Almost like the one two punches of the Nazis first, then the Red Army tide
We like the Brits and French are acting like this is the Phoney War unable to act
Save for more speeches from our CinC as if words will cause aggression to retract
Like the RAF dropping only leaflets our planes are taking only photographs
ISIS looking up to the sky totally exposed on the roads is having a great laugh
This is a chaos that is simply not going to disappear
We should be wondering when or if ever will American leadership appear?
Instead of lights burning late in the Pentagon for contingency plans
Our CinC is spending hour upon hour on climate change and fossil fuels to ban
Instead of detailed, reasoned, non political options to face this unfolding crisis
It appears to be fund raising and save the Senate as on to Baghdad marches ISIS
If I were a member of the House of Saud or a ruler of a Gulf State
I would be shaking like a leaf in fear pondering what would be my fate
The U.S. word looks like it is becoming merely words without backbone, a colorful jelly fish being moved by the tides
No wonder the Putins and mullahs of the world believe we can only speak and then from our role try to hide
© June 26, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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