Friday, June 13, 2014

Hillary Testy On Interview On Gay Marriage--Hold The Coronation RobeRno

So Hillary gets testy on one of her book interviews 
Called out on gay marriage change puts her in a snitty stew
She sometimes appears as if she is the new Presidential heir
That to question her acts is completely out of bounds, it’s just not fair
She has been and will be protected from a very thin skin
By the sycophants in the media that want a liberal woman to win
As Obama's presidency is in shambles on almost all fronts
Media wants to assemble a shield to any criticism of her blunt
Being 0 for 1 in their Obama pick
Cannot be 0 for 2 if criticism of her record may stick
But at least as to Obama like the hibernating bear coming out of its cave starving in the spring
The press is finally coming out of its cave with an appetite for revitalized reporting skills to bring
If that appetite is not a passing fad leaving only Fox to question and to probe
There might be some delay in paying the tailor to sew the coronation robe
Playing the tape of “What difference does it make?”
She has forgotten you only learn if you admit your mistakes
If you cannot admit, then the tendency is to distort or conceal
Events like Benghazi as a result may be her Achilles Heel
Clams and Turtles can grow but still retain their shells
Lobsters and crabs must molt or in frozen size they will forever dwell
Hillary has been blessed with a great mind 
But her sense of infallibility needs to be left behind
Or her coronation road may be bumpy and her train to the White House will be derailed
After 8 years of Obama we need a change and some of us hope Hillary will not prevail
© June 13, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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