Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Media On IRS Bails When Will Special Proscutor Be Named To Put Lerner In Jail?

Almost like the nursery song--a tisket a tasket
When will the IRS scandal blow its gasket?
As long as the mainstream media continues to ignore or downplay
The pressure building may take months before the lid is blown away
Fortunately Koskinen, a big contributor to causes of the Blues, came across as an arrogant ass
Performed that role like his agency so very well, but those images will fade quickly and pass
 Save for those who realize that this agency will enforce the ACA
And its intrusion into our health our fears should be heightened not allayed
The only thing that warms the hearts of mainstream media appears to be Bridgegate
Their frenzy over it and Christie’s campaign challenges seems not to abate
Media bias unfortunately is not just confined to how you report the news
Some of us are smart enough to listen and pick the meat of truth from the biased fat in the stew
But the news buried in the back or not reported at all
Means that any search for truth hits a stonewall
The scandal at the IRS should bring to each of us a great chill
Scary beyond belief that the IRS bends to the ruling party’s will
But just as frightening is that the fawning lap dog of this Administration--the Fourth Estate
Has willingly, added this scandal to a growing list that on reporting has chosen to abdicate
Like Cato arguing at the end of each Senate speech that Carthage must be destroyed!
Any chance to get to the bottom of this scandal and find the truth needs a Special Prosecutor to be employed!
© June 25, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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