Friday, June 13, 2014

ISIS Marches On Baghdad Obama Responds In Dead March

Has the new Rip Van Winkle awoken from his long slumber?
Like a Roosevelt of old speaking softer but now looking for some heavy lumber 

Rising form the peaceful nap of the Al Qaeda-is-on-the-run dreams
Now belatedly realizes that ISIS is much more than a jayvee team
Obama announced that he will consider air strikes to stop the ISIS onslaught
To bring backbone to the fleeing Iraqi Army that no longer fought
While Iran, a noted foe, is sending boots on the ground to aid Iraq
Our efforts may be too little, too late to stem the ISIS attack
Hindsight is beautiful, but in this case the result of Obama’s pullout was predicted to a certainty absolute
Nothing that has recently occurred in any way that prediction would dim or refute
Not coming up with a status of forces agreement with some combat forces to in Iraq remain
Would create a vacuum into which the jihadists would flow and our billions of dollars and thousands of lives would be flushed down the drain
As to Iraq to prevent a Caliphate over a large portion we may be too late
But to avoid further foreign policy disasters Obama needs to clean house, start with a clean slate
No more Baghdad Bobs, no more dudes, no more rookie advisers for whom politics is the Holy Grail
Bring in military and foreign policy experience that place policy above politics or we are doomed to fail.
While you are cleaning house, toss away your pens and put down your phone
You cannot run a country with the executive branch alone
Look up the meaning of transparent and make it a real not just a sound bite goal
Try to actually to man the helm as this ship of states veers toward some deadly shoals  
© June 13, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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