Monday, June 30, 2014

ISIS Declares A Caliphate--Where Is Our Strategy To Defeat?

Flush with success and an Iraqi Army that has largely disappeared
ISIS changes its name to the caliphate we all should fear
ISIS is now IS as in Islamic State
A base for new jihad and terror that will not abate
Parts of Syria and parts of Iraq
Fertile staging areas to the Western World attack
The U.S. caught by surprise, all of its training and aid down the drain
On the sidelines, disengaged, powerless to contain the Islamic State’s terror reign
If the Islam State is Islam’s new face and Sharia Law is its new cop, judge and jury
The rest of the world including Muslims has a growing worry
Time for a coherent strategy on how to this menace face
That’s driven to all non caliphate nations replace
The answers will not easy but the brightest of the brightest need to convene
To plan a means to rid this scourge from humanity’s scene
Part military force ruthless and swift, part economic aid and here’s another item to suggest
The mullahs complain our culture is decadent and pollutes the soul and true belief arrests
Fair criticism but if given a chance, my instincts say Muslim youth would rather dance
Than strapping on a body bomb for the misguided 77 virgin in Paradise chance
Rock and roll galvanized us against Vietnam and turned the tide
Great anti-war songs to the Vietnam War deride
Why not music that attacks sharia and jihad at their very core
A message that death is not worth it when a young lovely you are trying to score
Like the Lysistrata scenes of old, young Muslim women against jihadists must close their legs
Convey the message that jihad and sharia is the scum of the scum of the worst of the dregs
Just a thought but at least a thought to get the discussion juices to flow
Instead of sitting on our hands, heads in the sand, while the jihad forces unabated grow
© June 30, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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