Saturday, June 14, 2014

ISIS In Humvees Advancing To Bagdhad While Obama Advances To The GreentOur N

So Iraq is getting ready to implode, widows, children and parents for nothing still grieve
What does Obama do? He makes a pathetic, weak speech and then in a helicopter leaves
We need energy so may trip to a reservation might give us hope that no more attacks on frack
Then given the crisis in Iraq normal to lead, it would be time to the Pentagon to come back
Sadly, not the case our fearless leader; as his rating drops, his handicap is on a bit or a rise
 So it’s off to Palm Springs to have a caddy on his club selection advise
Our President must be able to multi-task golf with security reports of the ISIS march
Maybe on National Bourbon Day at the 19th hole enjoy a drink to cure the desert parch
Images are more important than words and actions even sometimes trump
In Iraq ISIS armed, looking determined and grim while Iraqi soldiers flee as weapons and uniforms they dump
At the border an flood of children, a new Children’s Crusade pouring in
Believing that if they can make it here, Obama’s pen has meant they win
Is our President in photo op at the Pentagon; is he in photo op meeting with the governors of three border states?
No this morning he’s at a Blue fundraiser, those are just crisis items that for him can wait
Then to a UCI commencement address and a rousing do as I say, not as I do speech
To graduates deep in debt, some without jobs, wondering if the American Dream is still in reach
Then back to the desert for golf and on Father’s Day a well deserved rest and another golfing round
While any news images show domestic and foreign turmoil continuing to abound
After Benghazi our President while the embers still smoldered hopped on Air Force One
Off to San Francisco for yet another fund raiser as there was a campaign to be won
One can only hope that the media is now sees through the Emperor’s New Clothes
And objective questioning of his policies foreign and domestic grows
No more fawning, no more hero worship, a revival of an independent Fourth Estate
Maybe with such prodding and questioning our President might start acting like a head of state.
© June 14, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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