Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rhymes On The Newsworthy Times Obama Grasping For Straws On Taliban 5 To Justify Breaking The Law

First it was gleaned from an old video the issue of Bergdahl's health
Justified why the exchange had to be in no prior notice stealth
Sugar coated with the Rice "honor and distinction" spin
With the proud parents in the Rose Garden to boost Obama's win
Today we learn a new ends to justify breaking the law
May or may not be credible given Obama's transparency flaws
If the exchange were made public, the Taliban would not let him get out alive
Yet another spin, another ends for this Administration to contrive?
This unfolding saga is not about leaving no soldier behind anymore
It is more about Obama's pursuit of his goal to open all of Gitmo's doors
If the hardest of the hard core even for a few weeks past Qatar's restrictions test
Another scandal will probably erupt and the attention on the Taliban 5 put to rest
After the midterms but before the new Congress takes its seats
Anyone in Gitmo will be enjoying the freedom of Middle East sands beneath their feet
Several flies in the ointment may put on hold Obama's grand design
Did Bowe in fact desert and walk off the combat line?
Was Bowe, for all his time in “captivity” on medical examination just fine?
Did we have chances to free him with special ops from his confines
But this Administration to the trash can all such planning consigned?
Can soldiers' deaths be to Bowe's desertion directly died?
If any yeses, will be harder, much harder to have Congress defied
The last wild card is, in the quest for new blood or new American hostages, will the 5 succeed
If yes, Obama and what legacy he has left will rue deeply the fact the will of Congress he did not heed.
© June 5, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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