Friday, June 6, 2014

Obama's Taliban Release Is For The Birds--Taliban Urged To Take U.S. Birds

The ill conceived exchange for the Taliban 5 is starting to run its expected course
Time is revealing conversations with an anonymous Taliban source
Civilians to take as hostages are "useless people" but soldiers taken are "important birds"
To think that American soldiers or diplomats are now not at greater risk is completely absurd
This is not a controversy whipped up in Washington; it is a legitimate bipartisan concern
Basic diplomacy 101 you do not negotiate with terrorists why was this so hard for Obama to learn?
Basic politics 101 you are Mr. President not Your Highness Royal
It is an equal branch not some homeless mendicant from which to recoil
When the Taliban 5 or their minions rejoin the battle and Americans begin to kill
And after the new caskets are lowered, flag folded and handed over, the notes of the bugle playing Taps still
Will our President stand with the families of the new fallen in the Rose Garden feigning his shared grief
Of will he be off on the fund raising trail or golf course seeking some legacy disappointment relief?
When the soldiers begin to be nabbed, Gitmo closed and he has nothing to trade
What will he does he say to the parents and the remaining troops who must feel betrayed?
The point is not whether Bergdahl deserted or did not or whether he turned or did not
This illegal exchange without Congressional notice shows this President and his NSA team has learned squat
© June 6, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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