Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rhymes On The Newsworthy Times Obama Admits Taliban 5 May Be A Risk

Rice  Benghazi Video Deju Vu For Bergdahl
Just when I thought it was safe to watch the Sunday Talk Shows, to my surprise
The Video Deceiver Susan Rice was speaking once again before my very eyes
With that polished “it’s a video face”
Vowing Bergdahl served with honor and distinction rather than disgrace
We know now just days after the release of the Taliban Five
Another Rice deception for a really bad deal to try to justify
The failure of this President while thumbing thumb his nose at Congress
No notice given while his Rices the facts try to suppress
Images of a mother and father standing next to a President on TV were first to be rejoiced
Until on realized that during the course of the father’s speech he was praising Allah in a Pashto voice
All of the evidence starting to appear suggests his distinction may be he is the only one
That deserted the army, disillusioned, walking away “for me I am done”
Fox as usual was on this like a proverbial fox in a chicken coup
Talking to platoon members and revealing a classified report in a fact digging scoop
Whether Bergdahl is a deserter or not, as an American we should be glad he will soon be here
But the price we will pay in future dead Americans by these Five is too very dear
Obama in Poland away from a Congress stirring to life to protest another Obama power grab
Admits there might be a risk to Americans but with Qataris watching them, it cannot be that bad
The Five have the eyes of hate, intense, eternal and anxious to again kill
This time when succeed, the blood will be on Obama’s hands, though we pay the butchers’ bill
Once again when it comes to national security,  our national security adviser seems blind
But a poet always looks for the positive and these few come to mind
First even Blues are troubled over another Obama Congress end run
Even the media’s decrease in fawning over his teleprompter words has begun
With Bergdahl soon back he may be court-martialed and join Chelsea Martin in jail
Finally on a lighter note, Bergdahl’s father’s excuse for not shaving his beard will now fail
© June 3, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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