Thursday, June 26, 2014

IRS Broke The Law--IRS Pays $50k--Calling Deep Throat

It is easier for the proverbial camel to pass through the eye of a needle than to find someone who likes the IRS
Just the name and the implied audit provokes high blood pressure and a huge amount of stress
Even with so little mainstream media coverage the IRS scandal will not be put to bed
The coverage dam is slowly springing leaks, truth leaking through in an increasing flow the President will dread
An email from Lerner that somehow the IRS missed and failed to destroy
Suggesting against Senator Grassley an audit to employ
Followed up today with the IRS admitting it broke the law in donor information leak
Ponying up to National Organization for Marriage $50k for damages it did seek
More and more calls both Reds and some Blues for a special prosecutor to replace the DOJ
That consistently has sold its soul and let political consideration get in the way
No one believes the myth of the computer crash
Nor could stomach the IRS head arrogance, smirking and so brash
No one, not even rats, wants to be on a sinking ship
Especially as Obama’s numbers continue to erode and slip
The greatest drop in GNP in many a year
Leaves this Administration with little news to cheer
In the same way courageous doctors blew the whistle on the VA
There have to be workers in the IRS that the targeting of conservative groups dismays
There have to be Deep Throats waiting to come forward axe the smidgeon hoax
Who must be aghast at the attempt to free speech by this Administration choke
Who realize this same IRS that no sane person would trust
Is the same IRS to enforce the ACA many view with disgust
As the IRS scandal continues to slowly unfold there is but one way for Obama to get a reprieve
Sadly the odds may be good if another scandal pops up and causes the IRS attention to shift and leave
© June 26, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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