Friday, June 27, 2014

Supreme Court Slams Obama 9-0 For The 13th Time-A Record Will He And Holder Ever Learn

Even the youngest toddler by trial and error a mistake quickly learns
Don’t put your finger on a stove again or you will be again burned
Learning is never accomplished watching sound bites of yourself in a teleprompter speech
Ego in those cases sadly always trumps the lessons that mistake will teach
It seems when it comes to the proper role of government this President is without clue
Even his own appointees to the Court will not give him respect his ego believes is due
In a deeply divided court in which 5-4 decisions seem to be the rule of the day
!3 times since 2013 in what must be a record, unanimity against him has come into play
With a record like that this President, this Harvard Law grad one would think
Maybe it’s time to step back and my political approach to problems rethink
One would hope but do not hold one’s breath as the sound bites reveal
He is on the stump blaming Red phony scandals of IRS or Benghazi—almost unreal
If our President would just in a sincere moment his ego place in a round file
Realize that pressing problems are solved with policy not politics of smile, speech and style
Come clean with the public; bring us the transparency he promised on Election Day
Instruct his lap dog AG to the will and lawful directions of Congress to obey
He might have a chance to prevent a Presidency sinking to the bottom of the approval floor
Most Reds want a President they can trust and respect; we deserve better, we deserve more.
Find someone who trusts the IRS after these revelations of it being used as a suppressive tool
Without doubt that person would be either an idiot or a complete fool
If John Dean to paraphrase were here on this IRS scandal he might observe  
“As a result of the IRS we have a cancer growing on the people’s trust of the government we must preserve.”
© June 27, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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