Monday, June 23, 2014

Billions To Arm Iraq And Only Two Cessnas To Sortie Against ISIS

The reports from Kerry’s meeting with Maliki do not impress
Billions spent on the Iraqi Army and it has only two Cessna’s to ISIS suppress
It seems like only yesterday when the Highway of Death showed convoys charred
Helicopters and planes the Iraqi flight from Kuwait by missiles and cannons barred
It seems like only yesterday that after the Gulf War peace had been declared
The Kurds and Sunnis rose up against Saddam with dreams of independence to share
While we sat on our hands, Saddam’s choppers brought down death from the sky
Killing thousands who thought the U.S. would protect them and not let them die
Where did all the chopper pilots go; why did they disappear?
ISIS in captured Humvees and trucks in the open have had a lot to fear
Only two Cessnas--makes you wonder what was going through our minds
Or is this just another case of the Iraqis stealing us blind
Obama may not have wanted to intervene in Syria to avoid another Iraq
He still has Syria against its citizens on the brutal attack
Worse he has another Iraq in full on Civil War mode
With a leader we supported who will not share the governing load
Worse he has an ISIS border now with Jordan that could be next on the ISIS list
A Caliphate expanding to on Israel’s border too soon to exist
Knowing our past performance, the lessons learned in Iraq in Afghanistan will be missed
We cannot nation build; only look out for the U.S. as the generals’ warnings will be dismissed
It seems like only yesterday many years ago when JFK decided Diem had to go
He refused; so we sponsored his execution followed by years of American blood to flow
It seems like only yesterday our CIA had good results at least for a time when regime change it enforced
Now we sit trying to convince a ruler to include, fiddling while this ISIS jihad continues to run its course.  
© June 23, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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