Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Saigon Falling Deja Vu Baghad Will Be Next--Obama Weak Foreign Policy

Obama may be a good basketball player but he doesn’t know the teams
To state the Isis in January were the jayvees was a foolish pipe dream
That group has seized Mosul and Tikrit with Baghdad a few miles away
Iraqi forces shedding uniforms and arms and fleeing without delay
The myth perpetrated by this President is blowing up as predicted in his face
That the Isis flag flies in Fallujah where so many of our forces died is a disgrace
For his political agenda against sound military advice he cut and ran
Conveys of Isis captured U.S. equipment moving across the Iraqi sands
At least in Vietnam we forced the North to sign the Paris Accords
According to the rules of war the Hanoi Hilton emptied, planes returning with POWs on board
We withdrew from Vietnam with some honor still left intact
Saigon would fall but on signing the North was not on the attack
Unlike Germany and Korea where we left forces in place to aggression deter
Obama turned tail and ran away from Iraq like a mangy flea invested cur
Iraq, save Kurdistan, will soon fall to Isis which makes Al Qaeda look like Boy Scouts
Killing Americans and bringing jihad to the West is what they are all about
This is a dangerous development that we and all in the West should fear
Especially Israel which these fanatics have vowed to make disappear.
Fueled by Iraqi oil, Afghanistan emptied of our troops, backed by an Iran with nukes
I am so disappointed in Obama and his true Jayvee Susan Rice led team I want to puke
At least Isis made one mistake in seizing Mosul they were remiss
They kidnapped the Turkish consul which should make the Turks really pissed
Where is the President? Are the lights burning in Pentagon late?
As Iraq is lost, what other neighboring countries will share the same fate?
Bin Laden may be dead and Al Qaeda is on the run
But if for a moment the truth Obama would cease to shun
They are on a run straight for us and allies
Targets of a never ending stream of inept Obama follies.
© June 11, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet   

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