Friday, June 6, 2014

Duchenne MD Petition Is Flat For Obama Budweiser's Foaming Forwards

As the power of the social media continues to evolve
With hashtag diplomacy replacing old fashioned military resolve
With the electronic email petition drive and its 100 k signature bar
Trying to replace the lobbyists’ dollars ruling a D.C. from us so far
The news in the Huffington Post caught my eye and broke my heart
A petition from a Tracy Seckler to Obama for a drug to be released so her son would not die
Ignored thus far but guess what noble effort went to the head of the Obama response line
A petition so important that even fed bureaucracy would move out of its rigid confines?
The King of Beers pleading with the newly crowned King of Kings
To make a national holiday the opening day of baseball in the spring
Selling more beer and hot dogs will always trump a Duchenne-MD cure
One can barely imagine what Tracy Seckler is having to endure
As a father of four I empathize with her pain
I admire her efforts to organize and in the Huff post complain
But the sad fact of life is that our President is moved only by political gain
He is way too busy raising money and hoping the Bergdahl scandal will wane
The FDA faces a hopeless task in new drugs to approve
Uncertainty of success and the Thalidomide specter make it hard for them to move
Certainly the FDA from scams and patent medicine hypesters the public it must protect
But in the case of Duchenne MD, parents and teens a test drug should be able to elect
If a disease is almost always fatal its victims should be given a choice to try
A drug in testing will either work or not but left untried the victim will most certainly die
In order to get the drug companies to deliver test drugs to those who knowingly elect
Probably will need to give them immunity so any tort claims the courts must reject
This poem has now come to an end with a link to Tracy Seckler’s post
We need a cure for Duchenne MD more than more cool Buds in a stadiums coast to coast
©June 6, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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