Monday, June 2, 2014

Rhymes On The Newsworthy Times-Bergdahl Exchanged For Taliban Dream Teambergth

Obama is right when he states the military creed is to leave no one behind
But there is a higher creed that states the laws of this country the President must mind
The law, Holder notwithstanding, seems somewhat clear on a Gitmo release
30 days prior notice to Congress required not an ends justify the means caprice
Five years a prisoner for Bergdahl is a long time and our hearts to his family go out
But the ends justify the means cannot justify the law to flout
In exchange for one American we have released the hardest of the hardcore
Look into their eyes and you will see the eyes of fanatics thirsting to kill more
The Taliban Dream Team could well be the American nightmare of this decade
Thoughts Congress might have weighed in on to dampen the homecoming parade
Five top terrorists with the blood of thousands on their hands are now in Qatar
Hindered only by a year of no travel, but probably basking as the new Taliban stars
Free to raise money, free to recruit, free to jihad urge, and free to revenge on us plot
A year from now or sooner how many more innocents will be bombed, maimed or shot?
Questions are already being raised on whether Bowe was captured or did he desert
Strange that in Afghanistan a soldier would walk off base unarmed knowing he could be killed or hurt
Not ready to rush to judgment on this one
As the debriefing has just begun
Save this observation that stands out clear and most stark
Once again, our President defies the law and keeps Congress in the dark.
Once again, years from now we as a Republic will rue this day,
When an imperial president growing unchecked defied the law to go his own way.  
© June 2, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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