Friday, June 6, 2014

Rjymes On The Newsworthy Times-Humans In King Cove Endangered SpeciesH

King Cove’s patience with a distant, uncaring Interior that holds Caribou in higher esteem
Than Aleuts fishing for a living for the salmon returning to spawn in nearby streams
For medical emergencies the only way to get help is into Cold Bay fly
Without a road if fogged as usually the case in an emergency that person may die
All efforts to build a one lane road between King Cove and Cold Bay Interior has denied
Finally the Aleuts have been forced to file suit as Interior’s refusal cannot be justified
I hope this is not a case of the Mouse that Roared
And that Ms Jewell is in court completely gored
Here is a news flash to the idiots at Interior and those in the EPA
Humans are species too and their safety and well being must come into play
Jewell and her minions have most likely in the Aleutians never set foot
And to come up with a valid reason for denying the road they would be hard put
Cold Bay is not a vacation spot or a job magnet for a daily commute
The only people from King Cove on that road will those in the fog where an emergency has taken root
Who do you think would have the better chance to the environment protect
Aleuts who have been stewards for thousand of years or the D.C. Feds whom we do not elect?
Answer should be pretty clear and in this case the wheels of justice should move with dog sled speed
King Cove should be allowed to build this trail or road to fulfill a life saving need. 
In this cloud and sad state of affairs of continuing unelected federal agency overreach
A small silver lining in the lesson it clearly will teach
Since Obama's and many of his Blue minions' strings are by the likes of Tom Steyer jerked
Just another reason of why the Senate must go Red so we have a system without Reid that might then work.
© June 6, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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