Tuesday, June 24, 2014

IRS Breaks The Law Again--How Many More Straws?

How many illegal or deceptive straws with it take to break the American camel's back?
One for the IRS to attempt to stifle conservative groups on the Obama attack?
Two to obstruct justice with a "computer crash" so Lerner's emails were "lost"?
Is anyone counting the chilling effect on the democratic process these IRS actions will cost?
Three for failing to follow the law when it comes to the National Archivist to notify?
Four a continuing effort by the IRS to obstruct Congress and its efforts to find the truth deny?
Five a bogus investigation of the IRS by the DOJ by a donor to the Obama campaign?
Sixth the DOJ on Contempt of Congress of Lois Lerner to any actions to proceed refrain?
Seventh the cancellation of backup agreement with Sonasoft  so very abrupt
When Congress perceived the IRS in its investigations of conservative was corrupt ?
Given the proclivity of this Administration to bury the smidgeons of corruption
To justify the means and  do anything to prevent the truth eruption
It would not surprise me that in cancelling the Sanasoft contract all backups were ordered returned to the IRS
So unknown minions could search for Lerner and all emails with her the delete button to depress
The last straw is sadly not illegal but threatens the very existence of this nation
In reporting this scandal from the mainstream media too busy being Obama cheerleaders, a complete reporting role abdication
Not a straw but another reason for outrage has to be the haughty smug look of the Chairman of the IRS
Knowing that his back is protected by Holder and the media, confident that efforts to find the truth will be suppressed 

© June 24, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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