Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rhymes On Newsworthy Times-Kerry's Baloney Not Good For Your Health

Kerry dismisses any concerns over the release of the Taliban Five
Any worry these aging men will pose a threat he thinks are contrived
“Baloney,” he states in an I-am-privy-to-facts- unknown speech
“We have the way to take care of them if the battlefield they again reach”
“Our combat role in Afghanistan is over; our soldiers will not be in harm’s way”
Interesting not too credible observation as five Americans lost their lives on this day
Our combat role may be over but these soldiers were still calling in air support
Killed by friendly air before the pilots on their mission could abort.
The only baloney that can be found and it is in great supply
Is coming from the reason of the day from an Administration struggling to explain why
From honor and distinction to failing health to killing Bowe if word leaked out
To long captivity has blunted their skills to killing missions to once again mount
To Congress cannot be trusted to keep a secret, there would be leaks
To the Five are relics weak in mind and in failing physique
To the Qataris have them fenced in and we have moved assets to their movements track
They are on short lease and we’ll get them if they pick up the fight and head back
To this every shifting changing new nonsense of reasons Mr. Kerry,
We the American people say "Baloney!" and remain very wary.
© June 10, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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