Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rick Perry on Homosexuality and Alcoholism

Governor Perry was in the Golden State on the prowl for a Tesla plant to land in his state
Into a lions’ den where a question on homosexuality as a disorder would await
The Texas GOP has a platform to promote voluntary counseling to orientation alter
In a world of gay and lesbian acceptance, a sure way for a march to victory to falter
Reported response may not be complete so do not know if question shirked
His response was that he did not know if reparative therapy worked
I would have stopped there and stressed the voluntary part
But not these words of view to the audience impart
Alcoholism and homosexuality may be part of one’s genetic code
But he believes it is a matter of will whether one chooses to go down a given road
An alcoholic with a genetic code is more like a ticking time bomb already primed
With no initial lightning bolts of the disease from the first drinks until he crosses the line
The genetic code is not absolute only a predisposition, a greater sense of odds
But the drinks have to flow, some more some less, before the body succumbs like the twilight of the gods
But the orientation code is there from day one, needs no same sex hugs, kisses or sex
Will has nothing to do with it; it is more like a genetic code reflex
Being gay is something you cannot “cure” as it is clearly not a disease
The Texas Reds fixation on changing gays and lesbians they need to cease
The idea of “curing” gays and lesbians is a bad idea that will doom Reds to defeat
One Wendy Davis may well occupy Governor Perry termed out seat
Take note of AA’s motto of attraction not promotion
The War of Same Sex Marriage and orientation will only fire up the Blue emotions
The only “cure” we need to be focusing on is to insure
That no more Harry Reid as Senate Leader must we endure
Perry is always welcome in this state although our dwindling jobs we would like to keep
Hands off Tesla please; we have already too many reasons to tear our hair out and weep.
© June 12, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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