Friday, June 13, 2014

#41 Jumps On His 90th Birthday--Age Is Only A State Of Mind

In your 90’s you may be crippled, tottering, hard of hearing, kitten weak, aliments by the score, almost blind
But for those of spirit who will not quit age is but a state of mind
They will not go without a struggle as life surges to leave an aging man behind
Will not allow the chronological years place and keep one in a bind
One of the few surviving members of the Greatest Generation who the uniform donned
A growing number of his fellows now resting in Forest and Arlington Lawns
George H.W. Bush in a wheel chair but who as a young man against his will had to bail
At 90 chrono years but in spirit still a young man once again joining the jumping trail
It takes a special breed to go into combat and from a wounded airplane bail
More so when all systems are working not a single ready to sputter and fail
Even more so when that man has 90 chrono years
Honoring his vow doing something most of us would fear
The world has been a better place with leaders like him of dignity, honor and grace
Where policy stands on a pedestal on par with the poet and philosopher not the politician in disgrace
The ground today is littered with those of public service decaying into a career
With legacies quickly forgotten not to last for many a year
Our number 41, same number as the year our Great Crusade begun
Is a man truly unique, to face adversity and age and from it not run
A happy 90th even if the EPA will limit the number of candles on the cake
Looking forward to the next jump at 95 you in all likelihood will make
© June 13, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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