Monday, June 23, 2014

Paul Bremer's Disaster Paves Way For Ex-Iraqi Army Officers To Join ISIS

The news that former army officers from the Ba’athist Party have joined ISIS is no surprise
Exiled out service upon Hussein’s defeat and ultimate demise
Paul Bremer on Bush’s watch sowed the seeds of complete disaster
In the 14 months of his role as Iraq’s civilian master
Disbanding the army, de Ba’athfication of the civil service and police, leaving a vacuum we could not avoid
And like the high tide that follows the low, militants surged into the void
Most victors selectively use the best and brightest of their past foe to a nation repair
Look at the Red Army taking in 50,000 Tsarist officers instead of scattering them into thin air
Look to the officers of the Wehrmacht continuing in the Bundeswehr rising to general and admiral rank
Strip an army or air force of its officers and those armed forces are thrown into the tank
We are now reaping the American withdrawal to a sofa recline
Instead of having a SOFA for our presence to be better defined
The recruitment of former officers may the success of ISIS explain
But still as long as they are moving in a convoy they are exposed to strikes from drones and planes
If they continue to slaughter and pile the roads with surrendered Iraqi dead
With some air support and Maliki either gone or to absolute power no longer  wed
We might have a chance to this Caliphate menace stall
But we need a CinC and an Iraqi Army with a better set of brass balls
© June 23, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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