Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thousands of Illegal Children Pour Through Border--The New Children's Crusades

It has been over 800 years since the last Children’s Crusade
Thousands of children walking hundreds of miles in a never-ending misery parade
The target then was Jerusalem and the goal to eject the Muslims from the Holy Land
Most never made it, drowning in the rivers or dying on the hot arid sands
Today, another Children’s Crusade is taking place, heading to our border states
Wave upon wave of children that is increasing and will not abate
From Central America a steady unending trek
Not to the Muslims in our land eject
No the myth of amnesty that if you can the journey prevail
Once across the river we will not send you back not put you in jail
The collateral damage of the Dream Act myth is the magnet that attracts
Impoverished families, living in huts and cardboard shacks
To send their children to the new Jerusalem of milk and honey
Where compared to the villages at home everyone has a 1000 times more money
Our Border Patrol is overwhelmed, once across there is no move to deport
Photos of children piling up, sleeping on the floor, dumped at bus stations not a pretty report
Obama has abandoned the border and any efforts to make it secure
How many more years of illegal immigration do we have to endure?
Who will foot the bill of at least 100,000 children ready to start school?
Where if they are allowed to stay do we find the assimilation tools?
 Where do we find the doctors and nurses to on their health check?
And when will our President the path of enforcing the laws elect?
Since Mexico may not allow these children to its borders cross
Nor can we over the fences with Mexico toss
We need a surge to this porous border to it close and seal
An air lift back to Central America to end their ordeal
Look at the photos and they will break your heart
But the children are the consequence and Obama knew it from the start
A new Chinese Wall many meters high and many meters thick needs to our entire border protect
May not be a 100 percent but thousands upon thousands it will reject
We need to have immigration reform but not when a secure border does not exist
Our President must enforce the law and deportations not resist
Between Congress and the President there is zero trust
No wonder as he lies to the nation, enforces the laws he likes and throws the rest under the bus
© June 12, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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