Thursday, June 12, 2014

Obama Is MIA With Baghdad Soon To Fall To ISIS

The headline of Fox’s “Asleep at the Wheel” to describe the Administration’s blunder is graphic but in error
Implying exhausting efforts to fight the likes of ISIS on their march to Baghdad to install a reign of terror
In this case, Obama turned off the military engine, took the keys, locked the door
While walking away he and his minions touting “Al Qaeda thanks to me is no more!”
“ISIS is a jayvee team trying to imitate Kobe Bryant in a Laker shirt!”
This ISIS team is pure all star varsity, playing like Kobe Bryant before he was seriously hurt
The only jayvee team on the world stage is an experienced inept Obama and security advisers
Who see the world through rose colored glasses and reality glare shield visors
Listen to a Baghdad Bob type statement on Monday from Marie Harf
“ISIS not gaining territory”—excuse me while I find a place to barf
Not only are with playing with a jayvee team, it is still in the locker room waiting to suit up
While around the world jihadist fanaticism continues to violently erupt
Obama is and has been and most likely will completely MIA remain
As Iraq and the sacrifices of our brave men and women in uniform go down the drain
The only group that is today on the run
Is Team U.S.A. saddled with a CinC who wants us to our great power role shun
Chamberlain at least had a piece of paper from Hitler in his hand
When Britain and France ceded over to him the Sudetenland
When Saigon fell with a Conga line of refugees in to the embassy roof dance
We at least had Paris Accords and a slim hope that peace might have a chance
Here we have nothing, zero, squat, no honor, no plan and no CinC iron will
Only memories of billions spent, lives maimed and lost as ISIS moves in for the kill
Make no mistake about it Afghanistan is next as sure as the sun will rise
Obama gave the Taliban the exact date we will be gone so should not be a surprise
Look off into the future and Nigeria with its oil may make the Islamic-to-be-acquired list
Hard with only hashtags and shifting red lines to these fanatics successfully resist
Where is the President? Where are Rice and the NSA? Where are the Joint Chiefs?
Sounds of Silence as this nation with its MIA CinC is heading into a world of grief
© June 12, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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