Friday, June 13, 2014

Slender Man Faceless Surreality Knocking On Your Children's Door?

Freedom of Expression and Speech is our two edged sword
Protects the flow of ideas but here reality gored
Slender Man, an internet creation without a face with tentacles out of his back
What power over children does this figment have to attract?
Were the creators of sick mind far too perverse?
Or the preteen girls afflicted with the beginnings of a mental illness curse
Two preteens in order to bring a Slender Man from the surreal
Lure another into the woods to death by stabbing try to deal
Something is really wrong in this story that as a father causes me to shake
Why did these kids have so much internet access? What action to monitor did the parents take?
Thanks to the media a child sees more killings and maimings than soldiers in most wars
Since the victims are only on the internet, no real burials, no wonder our culture of violence soars
A numbing of the senses, victims do not really exist, the viewer loses any compassion or empathy
Along with any pretense of knowing right from wrong or concept for the dead of sympathy  
Death is for real, there is no sequel for the victim, no replay
Only the ache of the living that takes years to fade away
Shame on the Slender Man creators of this violence-is-normal-insane belief
Parents need to block access and watch your children if you want to avoid major grief
As a government we cannot sheath this First Amendment two edged sword
But Parents can and should their kids moral training and internet access cannot be ignored
© June 13, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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