Friday, June 27, 2014

The Phony Scandals Are Real The Real Scandal Is Failure Of The Media The Real Phony Is Obamaheof

The biggest scandal involving this Administration is not Benghazi or the cover-up at the IRS
It's not the waiting times and deaths at the VA or the Fast and Furious mess
It's not the Administration caught blind once again by ISIS, Boko Haram or Putin as their moves we failed to assess
It's even not the fact that under this Administration and his red lines we seem to the rest of the world to no longer impress
It's even not our border is flooded by children and by the cartel with drugs we cannot seem to suppress
It's even not Obama's pen and his refusal to enforce the law or his illegal appointments when Congress is not in recess
It's even not the total failure of the ACA roll out spending millions on millions for a failed website with federal largesse
It’s even not the rise in our national debt and our squandering our children's and grandchildren's future we have failed to address
All of the above are gnat bites compared to the potential scandal to our Republic which unabated continues to progress
That scandal which is growing and continues is the complete and utter abdication of responsibility by the mainstream press 
The Fourth Estate, the Founders' defenders of freedom of the Republic, into a lap dog for Obama has regressed
Obama is no more transparent than a thick coat of welder's glass or the magician's curtain concealing the trick
His promise of transparency to get elected was a lie, an empty promise, a joke very, very sick
He has deceived, earned more Pinocchios than Pravda or Baghdad Bob
Hard questions from the press, not a chance, more like adjusting a T-ball or softball arcing lob
Obama not happy with his pen and with the title of king
Believes Emperor is more regal, has a better ring
And because the press never calls him out on his New Clothes
Scandal after scandal, wallowing in our economic woes
The sounds of silence are heard in media's bathroom stalls
Are there any save Fox and a select few willing to break through the fawning walls?
If the press would have spent 10 percent of the time used to Christie over Bridgegate crucify
The scandals and Holder's reign would have stopped at Fast and Furious in which  only one American died
If not, these real scandals only phony in Obama's view will only be more serious and multiply
Time for the press to drop the pom poms and cheerleader outfits and objective reporting try  
© June 27, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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