Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Treu Strikes Down CA Tenure/Dismissal Laws

No matter how much money in California on education we spend
Too many students drop out or graduate with no skills into joblessness or jobs of dead end
Students Matter approached the problem a different to change the failing trend
Maybe it’s the poor quality of the teacher not how much more money to spend
Students Matter filed a case in a L.A. Superior Court
To overturn the tenure and dismissal laws that cause education to come up short
Students matter; that’s whom public education is supposed to serve
Not the poorly performing teachers job security to preserve
When schools face layoffs when budget problems mount
In California seniority is the only measure that seemed to count
The youngest teachers those most likely with the idealism burning still bright
Were the first to go condemning the students to educational blight
Worse Judge Treu heard testimony on hard it is for a poorly performing teacher to be fired
The unions fight a dismissal tooth and nail, years of litigation and massive fees required
The state is held hostage to the two bookends of the ultimate mother’s milk source
Prison guards and teachers union’s mandatory dues into political contributions are an irresistible force
Whatever the teachers union wanted in the Education Code, it had only to request
While the flow of mediocrity so tenured was impossible to arrest
If a teacher can somehow survive a teacher’s first two years of hire
That teacher unless convicted of a crime is set until that teacher decides to retire
Who are the victims one should ask
Of teachers failing to perform their educational task?
The students many of whom of color who were deprived of a chance to explore and to learn
Unless in an expensive private school or in a charter their bridge to the future burned
The union reacted swiftly, condemned the decision as deeply flawed
Vowed to appeal but this may be the union’s political grip on the legislature’s last hurrah
Students do matter; tenure to preserve incompetence does not
An opening, a mandate to improve the education sought
Look for this case to the Supreme Court finally weave
Vergara like Brown  may be as landmark as a case to poor schooling relieve
While it slowly wends its well-funded, well-briefed way
Special note of the concept should be taken at the VA
So they might start firing for the Vets scheduling delays
© June 11, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 

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