Friday, June 20, 2014

IRS Computer Crash Or IRS Lying Under Oath--Trust IRS What A Joke

The IRS head goes to Congress and under oath testifies
If you are a blind Blue you were satisfied
But if an Indy or Red this man under oath lied
Another example of the will of Congress defied
Of all agencies. none is more powerful that the IRS
None more capable of putting us under a great amount of stress
None more capable of dissent and speech putting into a chilling vice grip
None more capable of the First Amendment to tear and rip
This poet would be outraged if the targets were left and Blue  groups
This is coercion that no government should be allowed to stoop
No smidgeon of corruption-- what an absolute lie!
A floor of deception filth deeper than any stye
Erase emails; throw a hard drive into the trash
Only fools would believe it was just a computer crash
But in D.C. land a Blue can lie until blue in the face
A political Holder will always protect Obama’s base
Where is there a Deep Throat to trust in our government resurrect?
Where is the patriot to this corruption reject?
Lois Lerner with immunity maybe a finger will point to this scandal head
With the truth we could put this scandal to bed.
© June 20, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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