Monday, April 13, 2015

Yesterday's Woman, Yesterday's Ideas, Yesterday's Gone

Hillary wants to be the champion of the middle class
Wants to make no more mistakes of campaigns past
Hard to connect with families struggling to make ends meet
Paying the rent, paying for college, clothes and gas, finding enough to eat
When to her having just received a $10 million advance means she was dead broke
Or to receive vast sums each time she at a gathering spoke
She is a smart woman surrounded by a smart, experienced team to on this campaign her advise
Clear after her bland video announcement, they have come up with a better disguise
Not since she was gutting salmon at Valdez
Covered in slime and with other workers shooting the breeze
Could she pass herself off as likeable middle class member
So as her life enters its chronological September
Time for a new Hillary to define
Time for new campaign images to refine
No more using private jets to at campaign stops appear
Now in a van with nonstop coaching to create the humility veneer
Given her wealth, her foundation's connections, her income and connections with Wall Street
Convincing us mere mortals she is one of us will be an impossible feat
So a new mantra of wanting to be our champion will be her rallying cry
To cloak the ends justify the means, above the law and on secrecy to always rely
How durable will be the new "I want to be your champion" veneer
Before her real untrustworthiness and unlikability through its cracks appear?
Her trump card will be whenever the veneer begins to leak
The media will ignore, for save Fox, when it comes objectivity it is far too weak.
Yesterday’s woman, yesterday’s ideas, when yesterday has come and gone
We may need a woman president but not this one to be coronated on the White House lawn
© April 13, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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