Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Clinton Foundation Spends 88 Percent on Poverty Programs?

This is another Clinton scandal that gets longer legs each and every day
News coming out on how little to programs that benefit the poor the Clinton Foundation gave away
The Clinton Foundation has raised two billion dollars and to its poverty programs it claims 88 percent
Such claims are now being questioned and evidence may reveal that a lot less on poverty was spent
Like the private email server and the failure by the foundation to many of its foreign donors disclose
The Clintons weave a complicated web of complexity that makes it difficult for the public to know
Where the money comes from and how it was spent
But more importantly whether laws against conflicts of interests were bent
Hillary has admitted in filings the Foundation made mistakes
As cash into it from foreign governments it continued to rake
The Better Business Bureau in 2012 gave the Foundation a failing accountable grade
Lack financial reporting transparency keeping transaction covered in the dark of shade
Another review by the BBB is about to be begin
If it is more of the same as voters thirst for someone to trust, harder for her to win
One thing the Foundation has over many of its rivals when it comes to fundraising costs while Hillary was Secretary of State
The money would flow in from foreign governments and companies with issues pending on her plate
All of us, Red and Blue, are all thankful the Bill’s plane to Africa to the release of Clinton Cash dilute
Even with engine trouble landed safely, was on the ground briefly then off again from its Tanzanian route
© April 29, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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