Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Income Inequality Increasing by Minimum Wage Four Times Will Not Fix

Income inequality has nothing to do with the amount of the minimum wage
No matter how much the Clintons and Warrens of the Blues on this issue will rage
Income inequality exists because most board members are current or former CEOs
Will not stand up to a CEO’s threat to without more pay go
Worse, board members believe that the price of stock is largely affected by the CEO
After all supposedly he runs the corporate show
Most of the CEO’s income is in the form of adoption
Of plans for the issuance of stock options
We may no longer be first in many areas but there is one place we are number one
The ratio of CEO pay to average worker pay is a ratio that will stun
354 to 1 is the ratio over twice that of the Germans and the Swiss
Over four times that of Spain which is fourth on the list
Incentive compensation should be tailored to reward a person’s effort to create value separate from economic trends
Otherwise this inequity will only grow and never end
Raise the minimum wage and some will benefit slightly but others will be out in the street
In this economy with difficult times to find another job to get back on their feet
A better way might be to expand those eligible to partake of an option plan
Even the entry level employees at Starbucks can obtain options which is why the employees seem part of one happy clan
A small stake in the company in which the coffee may be fungible but their service is not
Why a coffee drink or tea drink or snack a Starbucks by the general public even at higher prices is sought
There are a lot of intelligent HR people to advise on how to incentive plans address
Add value and at the lower end the income inequality you might have a chance to redress
But making it a campaign slogan for the Blues throughout 2016
The mantra of the woman expecting to be coronated as the new queen
Is doomed to be lost in the attack ads on both sides and fail
Good reason to keep the pandering and attacks on the one percent off the campaign trail.  
© April 14, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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