Thursday, April 30, 2015

A New Wallenda Great or Not?

As the talk of the coronation begins to dim due in part to self inflicted wounds
And the book tour and the first week on the campaign shows to the middle class she may not be attuned
Hillary is facing a challenge to keep Obama’s support yet walk a tightrope to distance herself from Obama
While with the private email servers and Clinton Foundation mired in continuing drama
If she cannot in the voters’ mind create from Obama some space
Listen for the chorus that we do not need 4 more Obama years from the Reds in the race
But the more space she manages to create
What does that mean for support from Obama’s base she then alienates?
With Sanders, Warren and now O’Malley urging her to move further to the left
While also creating distance from Bill who had a likeable personality and as a politician was more deft
The actions Bill put in place to fight crime she wants to “reform” under the mantra of times change
While fighting off allegations that her role as Secretary enabled him to exorbitant speaking fees arrange
Already she and Warren under pressure from the unions have come to TPP oppose
Obama has already stated Warren is wrong although like Iran details are classified and may not be disclosed
Obama is hell bent for election to ram his second legacy down our throats
While the Senate concerned over “Death to the U.S. and Israel” is demanding a vote
Hillary on the Iran deal has been somewhat coy
On her views on whether this “agreement” if reached will prevent Iran from nukes to employ
In short, she is beginning to look like one of the Great  Wallendas who may not be Great without a safety net
Fearful of the next impromptu unscripted campaign misstep
Like the Johnny Carson of the old game show, the Reds will be the emcee of Who Do You Trust?
After “What Does It Matter? To Whom Should We the Security of this Nation Entrust?”  
Needing an image of transparency, openness and trust to the voters projected
While her whole being and psyche seems to have a case of terminal secrecy infected
Lurking in the wings is the potential candidacy of Jim Webb, former Senator, Secretary of the Navy and Marine
Navy Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star with an understanding of security and the threats to be foreseen
Last but not least is the specter of the House obtaining her server with her emails to recover
God help her if she destroyed government ones or conflicts of interest Reds are able to discover
© April 30, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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