Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tough Choices to Pick the Right Reds

If I were to choose a dream team to capture the Hispanic vote
While bringing the millennials on board the Republican boat
While breaking the lock step support of the Democrats by the blacks
And as a bonus knocking the Blue War on Women off its tracks
I would pick Rubio assuming his evangelist plank is reduced
Somehow for love of country Condi Rice as VP from Stanford try to seduce
Put Hillary’s record as Secretary of State with Condi’s side by side
Pretty clear Hillary was only marking time, just in it for the air plane rides
If Susan Rice’s and Condi’s record as NSA one should compare
Pretty clear Condi’s grasp of the dangers makes Susan’s cupboard look totally bare
Condi is the most popular prof on the Farm
Likeable to her very core as opposed to Hillary’s false humility charm
Failing getting Condi to answer the nation’s we need you as VP call
Then pick either Carson or Carly to run Hillary’s coronation into a dead end waIl
Obamacare may or may not be viable after the Supreme Court rules
But having a physician to face the needs of healthcare would be vital tools
Carly is a survivor but will face the Romney charge of jobs to export
Tough sledding for her at HP when the dot.com bubble went into terminal abort
At least opposed to Clinton or any of her potential running mates she understands business especially its marketing end
Probably would do a great job in the messages to youths on the radical fence we need to send    
Bush is old goods and though not his brother’s keeper or policies twin
The Blues will tar him as just another Bush and he will not win
Security and foreign policy will be at the forefront in 2016
If Walker is the pick his credentials there are pretty lean
He must show on foreign policy he is a quick study and unlike Obama can listen and learn
At least he is a veteran of near combat with the public unions his reforms trying to spurn
No easy choices for the Reds but their primaries cannot be like Survivor Island with one financially strapped winner battered and  bruised
And whoever is picked cannot run on a rabid social plank or that person will most likely lose
Security, jobs, lack of record at State and honesty must be the mantra pushed very hard
Under no circumstances can Hillary distract the voters on phony issues and get away with playing  the gender or race card
© April 14, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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