Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Iran Naval Mouse Roars Will We Respond

We have become accustomed to Somalian individuals posing as pirates and seizing ships
Even Hollywood pounced on the acts in Captain Phillips as acting as snipers freed Hanks from the pirates’ grip.
But to see nations in the act of boarding and seizing you have to go back to the Barbary Pirates, the scourge of the Mediterranean Sea
Ottoman corsairs on a ransom of cargo and crewman spree
We went to war to rid these parasites and add to the Marine Hymn another memorable line
And to the universal concept of freedom of international navigation define
Today that naval mouse of the Mideast has just roared
Firing upon and boarding a container ship and leading it to the Iranian shore
Rumor has it that the Iranian convoy enroute to Yemen with sophisticated weapons on board
May have turned around and has by so doing sheathed its weaponry sword
Having lost face in the might of a U.S. nuclear carrier force
Another attempt by this terror state its regional hegemony seek to enforce
Or is it but another attempt to the U.S. resolve disgrace?
The ship flew the Marshall Islands flag which we may have the obligation to defend
If so and no action by us is not the message to the region and the world we should want to send
A line in the sand which Obama vowed and then immediately went into retreat mode
Emboldened our foes, dismayed our allies but inaction where a duty to defend is owed
Will a major erosion of our standing in the world of nations forebode?
It is almost given Obama’s desire to the nuclear deal he will do anything into our inaction let the Iranians goad
Death to America, Death to freedom of navigation and delivery of a huge portion of the world’s oil
For his supposed legacy, once again like in the ACA our president has sold his soul

© April 28 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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