Saturday, April 11, 2015

Post Fired for Redefining Treason

Even generals sometimes let their emotions overrule their ability to reason
General James Post trying to preserve the Warthog redefines treason
Junior officers must support the top brass’ objectives and views
To cut off opinions to Congress means to Post the Air Force says adieu
Too many countries are subject to the junta overthrow curse
Elected governments are too often put in a bullet marked coffin and driven away in the military hearse
This country is different and officers are taught of the sanctity of civilian rule
No matter how much they might think of civilians as fools
Each officer before he joins the ranks must solemnly swear
To defend and protect the Constitution and civilian rule not impair
Ironic that the news of Post’s dismissal comes on the same day when in 1951
In the midst of the Korean War with more bloodletting to come
The American Caesar chose to Truman’s edicts defy
No discussion, no waiver; time to say to Macarthur good-bye
The CinC, the Secretaries and the Congress are in the chain of command
To obstruct access would made a mockery of civilian rule of the military in this land
It may be true that Obama has a penchant dismissing generals who with him disagree
But no matter how foolish or misguided Obama is that is the way it has to be
If not we face like too many third world countries a steady game of coups and military musical chairs
Played by generals and colonels who can bring the most tanks and guns to bear
So the only Seven Days in May are those in fictional Hollywood script
Our democracy flourishes and is not facing a military induced crypt
© April 11, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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