Tuesday, April 14, 2015

MSA The Sharia Censors At Duke

Another university is under attack by the MSA
Who want to close off any ability to hear what progressive Muslims might wish to say
College is supposed to be the venue where the mind is exposed
To different ideas and debate not where groups like MSA want to have it closed
Academic freedom should not mean freedom only if the ideas are political correct
Anything else not acceptable to the PC censors a university must reject
We are not talking about violence or physical threats or incitement to riot which has no place
But the debate over ideas and expression which groups like MSA wish to efface
Ironic that if in Saudi Arabia a discussion on the need to expand women’s rights could result in flogging or time spent in jail
But at Duke the MSA wanted to prevent any discussion of Islam’s need to subjugate its females
At too many campuses from the showing of films to speech minority Muslims like are promoting a Sharia for the brain
Asra Normani, a Muslim, and author of Standing Alone was to go to Duke to on an issue that should shock
The treatment of women in Islam, a topic that the MSA wanted to block
It is not clear whether Duke caved and then like UM relented and allowed Normani’s speech to proceed
Or whether the hurdle was just a misunderstanding as Duke on restraints on expression would never accede
In either case, should be a tripwire warning that on our shores the academic Sharia censors are growing in strength each day
One hopes it is a wakeup call and that this brave woman will not face a fatwa giving jihadists a duty to her slay
© April 14, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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