Thursday, April 9, 2015

Two Frameworks Which One Is Real

Basic diplomacy 101 is that both sides should sign any deal
More so when in a rush to save legacy there is only a framework to try to guess what is real
Obama and his team say one thing and the Iranians are 180 degrees apart
The Iranians insist that all sanctions be lifted from the very start
Sanctions were what finally brought Iran to the table although they have made us look like fools
It is almost like the Iranians are the pros and our team came from the jayvee schools
As we move to a nuclear armed Mideast, heading to a nuclear brink
Where given the distance Iran or the Saudis will have time barely to react, certainly not think
Yemen is in flames with Iran pulling the strings
Hezbollah is preparing  more Iranian rockets to into Israel bring
Syria and Iraq are an utter and complete mess
Iranian weapons flowing into Africa to promote jihadist distress
Look at almost any country where terror is on the rise and you should find an Iranian link
Before Iran has the nukes and the missiles to deliver while our military shrinks
Time to step back and put on hold Obama’s legacy drive
Have a tete a tete with these mullahs and a credible military option revive
This may a case of mullah spin
But Iran is acting like for it this framework is a real win
 © April 9, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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