Monday, April 27, 2015

Shoot the Messenger of Clinton Cash

This poet, true to his Alaskan roots
Has always supported gun ownership and a right to shoot
Save when the aim is not at a moose or deer
But rather when a messenger of a tangled web of quid pro quo appears
Time to in this case before us make an exception
So tired of the typical playbook of the masters of deception
Time for the Clintons and their minions are shooting the messenger of the Clinton Cash
To upon Schweizer heap a whole bunch of trash
A respected reporter who allied with the New York Times
To probe into the Clintons’ potential quid pro quo crimes
Millions upon millions of dollars to their foundation in terms of grants
Millions upon millions of dollars to Bill for speaking fees on an upward ramp
Schweizer is not the right wing hack the Clintons want American voters to dismiss
But rather a respected journalist delving into the pattern of behavior on fees and donations that seems remiss
I for one look forward to the Fifth of May
Clinton Cash to be released to the Clintons’ great dismay
But dealing with the Clintons’ deception machine is not an easy task
Bill and Chelsea will be in African photo ops so in the good work of their foundation they can bask
A message that since we do for the poor and climate change great work
You voters should ignore this slight quid pro quo conflict of interest quirk
You must continue to hold Hillary in esteemed awe
After all, we Clintons are above the law!
© April 27 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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