Thursday, April 9, 2015

That Other Woman Wears Red and Is from the Farm

Hillary must be a great speaker at 300 grand a pop
Question is rapidly becoming will she soon be at the top?
Obama was and is a great speaker as long as there is no open mike and the teleprompter still works
But in his first campaign he was perceived as likeable even with his golfing and basketball quirks
But as the years went on being hip aroma on the rose of likeability began to fade
Growing cases of scandals and dishonesty he could no longer evade
Hillary is a different candidate and has an arrogance that makes her very hard to like
Rather her manner makes her easy to intensely dislike
Unlike Obama with only two years in the Senate and appearing as a clean slate
Hillary comes with years and years of baggage that each year gains more dead weight
Like Obama she is perceived as dishonest and feeling she is above the law
As her nonrecord at Secretary of State and in the Senate is discussed she will be held less in awe
Judge her by her reset with Russia and taking in contributions from foreign governments with great success
Judge her not by speeches but actions as under her watch we were heading to a war on terror recess
We are ripe for a woman president; you don’t need to shot baskets or swing a golf club to confront the problems as a nation we face
But after 8 years of deception from Obama, we do not need a woman who is out of touch and whose ethics and integrity are a disgrace
Sadly for the Reds the women presidential pool is a bit too shallow
In time much deeper but in politics today still somewhat callow
Condi Rice who embodied accomplishment at Secretary of State
Would not leave Stanford and the condemnation of her over Iraq would be a firestorm not to abate
Carly Fiorina rose to the top at HP
With a toughness as a survivor the voters would see
Bright  and with integrity and honesty at her very core
A graduate of Stanford; after Hoover do we have a chance for one more?
I hope the answer might be yes
And in her Boxer loss she has learned how to win and against Hillary have success.
© April 9, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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